Scottish Maternity and Neonatal Emergencies Course (SMNEC)

In Scotland many healthcare practitioners require to have a wide range of knowledge and skills, particularly remote and rural practitioners. They are often required to be first responders or to support other practitioners at a variety of emergencies.This course is designed to provide these responders faced with obstetric or neonatal emergencies to initiate supportive treatment whilst waiting for midwifery support. The course is adaptable to the needs of the attendees and the situation they are working in.

Lead by experienced maternity and neonatal practitioners the attendees will feel more able to provide support to women and their babies within their own sphere of practice. 

This course is designed to support health care professionals, such as:

  • Ambulance staff
  • GP's 
  • Out of hours and 1st responders
  • Nurses e.g. Hospital at Night, ANPs
  • Maternity care assistants or Auxiliary Nurses 

Please see the supporting documents below for further information on course content.

Course Duration: 1 Day     Course Cost: £40

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