Maternity courses

The following courses have been developed by the SMMDP to deliver high quality, clinically relevant and accessible courses to all health professionals involved in maternity care provision in Scotland.

You can view a list of course titles, and a brief  description of each course on this page.  To view the full details of a course please click on the title. Specific course details can also be viewed directly from the menu system.

Scottish Maternity and Neonatal Emergencies Course  (SMNEC)      

The purpose of this course is to support the wider multiprofessional group of health care staff who may be involved in emergency maternity situations arising outside the maternity environment. The overall aim is to provide these individuals with supplementary knowledge and skills necessary to help them deal appropriately with maternity emergencies. The course is suitable for a wide range of professionals such as, unscheduled care nurses, ambulance technician's/paramedics, GP's and other first responders.

Scottish Core Obstetric Teaching and Training in Emergencies Course (SCOTTIE      

This course has been developed to provide a standardised training course in managing emergencies for all professionals who participate in the care of pregnant women. The course is designed to cover the basic emergency responses that all health-care  professionals require. The course will cover obstetric emergencies, ABCDE assessment and recognition of the sick woman. The course is suitable for midwives, doctors, GPs and paramedics.

Scottish Parent Education Facilitators Course (SPEFC)      

The aim of the parent education facilitators course is to prepare participants to teach parent education to our service users and their families. Candidates will increase their knowledge and understanding of how adults learn, supporting them to interact and communicate and work effectively with groups, developing skills that facilitate effective learning. 

Scottish Maternity Recognition, Evaluation Assessment, Critical Treatment and Stabilisation (REACTS)      

This course will provide candidates with the required knowledge and skills to provide enhanced maternity care for critically ill pregnant women. This course is primarily for midwives and middle grade doctors who are working within the labour ward and require specialist enhance skills, this may also be suitable for other members of the team. Candidates attending this course will already be experienced in dealing with obstetric emergencies this course will provide them with additional skills such as interpretation of ECG's, the taking of arterial blood gases and care of CVP lines. 

Scottish Generic Instructor Training Course (SGITC)    

The aim of this course is to prepare participants to teach on SMMDP courses. By undertaking this course you will be able to deliver lectures effectively,facilitate discussion groups, teach clinical skills using approved techniques, facilitate scenario based training and provide constructive feedback.

Scottish Generic Instructor Training Bridging Course     

This is for participants who have already attended an approved generic instructors course  such as the Resuscitation Council  generic instructors course or who hold a recognised teaching certificate. This short course will prepare you to teach on SMMDP course


Maternal Sepsis e-learning 

This resources has been developed by SMMDP in collaboration with MCQIC (Healthcare improvement Scotland) and the Scottish NHS Boards.

This useful resource is available for all to use. If you have an NHS learnpro account please access this through learnpro so that your health board is aware that you have completed this. For those who do not have a NHS Scotland learnpro account you can access this package from here.


Scottish Core Obstetric Teaching and Training in Emergencies for Emergency Department Staff Course (SCOTTIE-ED)      

This course has been developed specifically for Emergency Department staff and provides a standardised training course in managing obstetric emergencies in the care of pregnant women and newborns. The course is designed to cover the fundamental aspects of maternal emergencies and is suitable for all professionals working in emergency departments across Scotland. The course will cover emergency birth, basic neonatal resuscitation, shoulder dystocia, haemorrhage, cardiac disease and maternal resuscitation. The course is suitable for all nursing, medical and ambulance personnel who work in emergency departments.


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