About us

Welcome to the Scottish Multiprofessional Maternity Development Programme

We offer training solutions for individuals and health-boards, providing excellent clinical skills training to bridge the theory into practice gap.

The Scottish Multiprofessional Development Programme (SMMDP) is a Scottish Government subsidised training programme providing clinical skills based courses and other resources to the maternity profession in Scotland. The SMMDP was formed in 2003 to fill the educational gaps identified by the Expert Group for Maternity Services (EGAMS). Since then it has developed courses and responded to identified needs of the service and the requirement for such a programme was re-emphasised in the Refreshed Framework for Maternity Services 2011 and more recently in the Best Start review 2017.

Due to our unique funding the courses are delivered at a cost that is affordable to all, this does not diminish the quality, value or the transferability of the courses.  Governance of the programme is through NHS Education for Scotland, where the programme is based. 


We have around 300 active instructors around Scotland.

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